Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hit or Miss? Brands celebrate arrival of Royal Baby with, er, unique designs

Below are a collection of designs, quickly unveiled over the last 24 hours, from a selection of well-known brands. Some possess understated wit, charm and panache. Others are toe-curlingly bad. Pick your way through this creative celebration of royal cuteness as brands piggyback and bandwagon their way through social media.

Credit to The Drum magazine and RoyallyDesperate for this fine gathering of advertising imagery.

Designers, would you proudly put your Photoshop signature to these submissions? Or could you do better?

B&Q: Hit


Hostess Snacks: Miss

I’m pretty sure “giving birth to a bread roll" is up there in the top five nightmares of all time

Yeovil Town Football Club announce new signing: Hit!

Yeovil Town FC

Oreo: Hit!

"Long Live The Creme"? You had nine months to come up with something and that’s the best you could do?

Coca-Cola: Miss
"Do you think we mentioned the brand enough in this one?"